Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SYRIA - the growing crisis and the ever shrinking conscience

The interesting bit with a lot of stuff that's happening across the globe is not just thatt a lots happening, but everyone seems to be having their own interpretation of such events.

The current crisis in Syria is something that's unprecedented in our generation. The sheer scale at which humans have been eradicated shows that this 

Making that little choice in life - NOW, not LATER !

Quite often there are these little interesting thoughts that come up in our minds, but unfortunately they end up as mere thoughts.  I have always wanted to pen down something, nothing big, but just the thought of thinking something through and writing it down on paper (or on a blog) is a great feeling.

So, although I started this blogger account 6 years back, I have never taken the effort to stick a few minutes of my time into this, although I did blog a bit for a friend's portal that no longer exists.  But now, I have decided that this has to change - effective from today.  I will now start pinning across my thoughts, however insignificant and irrelevant they are !!

Cheers, and I will see you guys shortly.....

10 E